Not Beer Related, But …. Face Mask DIY

I hope everyone is staying safe! Unfortunately I had to go to the grocery store this week. I had gloves, but no mask. My mother was super worried so she made a simple DIY mask. It’s not as effective as N95, but medical studies report it offers some protection as a last resort. You’ll need a bandana and 2 rubber bands/hair bands. Hope it helps. Stay safe!

1. Fold ends of bandana so they meet in the middle.
2. Fold the bottom up so it’s one long horizontal panel.
3. Take the rubber bands/hair bands and slide them each on the ends of the bandana.
4. Fold the ends of bandana so they meet in the meet and tuck the ends inside each other
5. Bring bandana to your face and slide the rubber bands around your ears.
6. Be sure to wash the DIY face mask when you return home before using again.

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Author: thebrewbabe

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