Meet The Outcasks

Michelle Pagano (The Brew Babe)CKyeXIVWUAAWwyl is the Editor of The Outcask and Director of Communications and Design of Neptune Media Relations, where she specializes in writing, photography, website development, graphic design and social media/new media management. 

Despite being diagnosed with a gluten-allergy in 2011, she refuses to stay away from craft beer. She is a home brewer, member of theAmerican Homebrewers AssociationHandgrenades Homebrew Craft Beer Club, and Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts, and formerly the editor of Bier Magazine, Inc. 

Michelle enjoys home brewed beers and ciders from locals on Long Island, but her favorite gluten-free ciders include: Downweast Unoriginal, Doc’s Draft, Woodside Cider and 1911.  Her favorite craft beers include: Moustache Brewing Co. Everyman’s Porter, Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale, Omission Lager, and Glutiny Golden Ale.


11830730_10155882190465023_2078163084_nLaura Cerrone (Ciderella) is a freelance journalist and beer and cider enthusiast. After graduating from the State University of New York at New Paltz, Laura has covered a multitude of topics from local news to entertainment reviews. When not working, she enjoys traveling, reading books, and attending comic conventions. She is also working on her first full-length novel and comic book as well.

Currently, her favorite brews are Moustache Brewing Company’s Milk & Honey, Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Ace’s Pineapple, and Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee House Porter. The list is always changing and expanding. She will also never turn down a Krombacher Dark.


325cd94Christine McCarthy likes terrible beer and good whiskey, but she’s learning more about craft beer. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, full-time mommy and professional software developer, she stretches her linguistic muscles from time to time writing guest articles and copy editing. Located a little further north from Manhattan, she’s currently obsessed with her recent craft beer discoveries: Keegan Ale’s Joe Mama’s Milk Stout and Blue Collar Brewery’s Oatmeal Stout.


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