A Letter To You

Hey everyone,

Many of you have been wondering why I’ve been off the radar. New York has been hit HARD!! This pandemic has been extremely overwhelming, and unfortunately I had personal issues weighing on me as well. I am no stranger to overcoming difficulties, but I needed to spend isolation in solitude to meditate and reflect. I’ve never given myself this much needed break. I’ve focused on “The Brew Babe” and her life (for what seems like forever), and forgot about Michelle. It took some deep soul searching, meditation, and reflection, to reset myself. And I hope to share with you more of who I am on this page.

Thank you all for your support and for respecting my space. Raising a pint of Holidaily Brewery’s Favorite Blonde.“ Here’s to focusing more on education and eventually sharing work and travel brewventures when this is all over. 🍻 With that said, let’s spread love while we continue to fight through this difficult time together.



Author: thebrewbabe

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