2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

We are in the midst of the holiday season and unfortunately for some of us, we’re running out of shopping time! While there are many gift options for the beer lover in your life, there are only a handful of innovative and unique presents that will really wow them. I created a list of some independent businesses that offer exciting and unique products that will make you want to purchase them for yourself too!

Photo Courtesy of Craft Brewed Jewelry

Craft Brewed Jewelry

Craft Brewed Jewelry was founded in 2015 by designer Kelly Cline. She created hundreds of eco-friendly accessories from her favorite craft beer cans.  On her website, you can find earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from breweries around the country. She also accepts customized bracelet order requests.


Nifty Gifty Goods

Photo Courtesy of Nifty Gifty Goods

Nifty Gifty Goods, founded a year ago by Amanda Lee, offers homemade upcycled craft beer candles. The business began when Amanda had the idea of collecting bottles from her favorite breweries so she could use them as centerpieces at her wedding, instead of table numbers. From there, she began making candles in bottles and cans. All of the candles are made of all soy wax, which means they can be used as a lotion when melted. How nifty! Nifty Gifty

Goods has an Etsy shop with candles from bottles and cans that she has collected, however, Amanda also customizes her candles upon request.

Once of Amanda’s fondest interaction was when she created a gift for an Instagram follower who requested the beer “Flora” in honor of her grandmother’s name.

“There was a beer I was able to attain called “Flora.” In the package I included a “Flora” beer candle for her to enjoy with her family. In return I received photos of her family enjoying the beer named after a family member together and many thanks to this day,” Amanda said. “I can’t honestly think of a more rewarding project.”


Limbs and Twigs

Photo Courtesy of Limbs and Twigs

Long Islander Matt Savage founded Limbs and Twigs this past January after being inspired by nature and his father. At the young age of six years old, Matt started working with natural edge wood and it all began with a simple tree branch wall hook. From there, his passion in woodwork grew even more. Matt uses wood with unique characteristics like growth defects, insect damage, and hollow logs for his projects.

“Before I start to create something, I first sustainably harvest very characteristic pieces of wood, what most woodworkers would say is useless to them,” Matt said. “Then I have an idea of some useful household items I would like to create and the specific pieces of wood give me the inspiration for what it will be and how it will look.”

This holiday season,  the Limbs and Twigs Etsy page features a wall mount bottle opener (created with black walnut driftwood) and hand bottle openers (made with red cedar driftwood).


Photo Courtesy of Thirsty Quencher Neckware

Thirsty Quencher Neckware

Thirst Quencher Neckware, product line designer and Long Islander Lisa Winn, brings bottle caps back to life. Lisa upcycles beer, cider, and soda bottle caps to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, motorcycle figurines, and holiday ornaments. Each product is unique in its own way, however, customers can request specific bottle caps for the perfect customized gift. This month, Thirst Quencher Neckware is running promotions all through the website.






Photo Courtesy of Bullets2Bandages

Founded in 2011, Erik and Cole began creating necklaces, bracelets, and bottle openers from upcycled brass casings.

“They were doing so with the idea of taking an object that’s typically seen as an instrument of violence and repurposing it in a way that we could use it as a fundraising tool for the veteran charities that we partnered with,” Eric Montgomery, marine veteran and co-owner of Bullets2Bandages, said.

Bullets2Bandages offers personalized gifts, including beer bottle openers and donates 15% of their profit to military and veteran charities.



Photo Courtesy of BrewQube

BrewQube was founded by two friends Caleb Liesveld and Tyson Caner in 2016 when they decided to design a new counter-top keggerator.

“We started with a keg cylinder, but we realized we needed to do something better than what already existed,” Caleb said. “We knew we wanted to be the most efficient effective. We could fit it [BrewQube] in a counter top unit and make it light weight, functional, and easy to transport.”

The BrewQube vessel is 2.25 gallons, weighs 10 lbs lighter than most mini kegs because of the polymer, and fits neatly inside coolers. The vessel is available in gray and blue for $99.  The mobile draft system is available for $229 (includes 2.25 gallon BrewQube vessel, flow controlled picknick tap, co2/no2 mini regulator, and 4 gram disposable co2 canister).

Along with their third partner Steve Ertl, Caleb and Tyson created a product designed for both men and women in the industry.

“We knew we wanted it to be for everybody,” Caleb said. “Craft beer isn’t just a guy’s deal anymore. It’s a little more convenient and effective for everyone.”





Author: thebrewbabe

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