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33 Books Co., which produces pocket tasting journals for wine, beer, and cider, released its newest logbook, 33 Cider Pressings, at CiderCon. 33 Cider Pressings is one of 16 booklets published by Designer Dave Selden.

Selden developed his idea for these books from his interest in homebrewing in 2009.

“I had a beer blog, and I started getting invited to tasting events by professional PR [Public Relations] people. The next day I sometimes had a hard time remembering all of the things I tasted,” Selden said. “I’m graphic designer by trade, so I made these books. People started to see them and wanted them.”

The layout for each book differs per topic, yet the books are consistent, simple, and organized for anyone of any level to use.

“The format of these books are easy for people who don’t know anything and convenient for those who are experienced,” Selden said.

33 Cider Pressings (5 x 7 inches) include sections such as the Cider Info (Name, Style, Date, etc.), Pressing (Fruit, Harvest Date, Press Date, etc.), Treatments, Fermentation, Transfer, Packaging, and more.

“It’s hard when you start off to look at a blank piece of paper and think of words that describe the sensations of cider and flavors of cider,” Selden said. “If you’re experienced, you’re tasting cider quickly and you know all of the words, you want to get through it quickly and move on to the next one.”

The books are $7 each. All books are made in the United Stations on 100% recycled chip board paper sourced in the Pacific Northwest  Interior pages are 100% post-consumer recycled content and covers are 85% post-consumer recycled content and 15% recycled content. The booklets are printed using US-grown soy-based inks (and a little cider).

“Each book has a little something in the ink. The beer one has beer in the ink, and cider book has cider in the ink. I change it every time I reprint one.”

Author: thebrewbabe

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