Great South Bay’s Greatest Season of the Year



Great South Bay Brewery has a lot to celebrate this season: their five year anniversary, wining two gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), and closing out the Oktoberfest season with punk music and brews at their annual Punktoberfest.

Each year, local punk bands and micro breweries (with their unique combination of brews) participate in this festival. While the breweries continue to present the beers that have become proven favorites at enthusiast events, several notable new beers were also on tap:

Great South Bay Brewery – Muscat Love

It was no surprise that line in front of the Great South Bay table grew longer each time I passed by throughout the day. People seemed eager to taste Muscat Love, which won a gold medal in the Prom-Am collaboration series with brewer Brian Giebel.  At 9.5%, this Belgian brewed with Muscat Grape juice holds a perfect balance between the sweetness of grapes and a crisp flavor to finish. 

Great South Bay Brewery – Hog Cabin Maple Bacon Porter

Who knew it was possible to combine two great gifts to humanity: Bacon and Beer? Alongside Muscat Love was Hog Cabin Maple Bacon Porter, which also won a gold medal in the GABF Specialty Beer category. This 6.5% smoked porter hits the spot for bacon lovers everywhere with a touch of maple syrup. In just one sip, you’re hit with a smokey wooden scent and a smooth combination of bacon, maple, and caramel flavors. 

Federation of Beer – Vulcan Ale (The Genesis Effect)

I was a little hesitant to stop at the next table because of the beer’s name and claim to greatness. Vulcan Ale (The Genesis Effect) by Federation of Beer seemed to powerful for anyone to handle. The Star Trekthemed Irish Red ale was brewed to honor the Vulcan Homeworld. At 5.4%, the Vulcan Ale is a combination of caramel and nutty malt. With a light sweet aroma and mild hops, it garnered the approval of all Star Trek fanatics/Beer snobs at the festival.

Rushing Duck Brewing Co – Gimme Samoa That

As a former Girl Scout and lover of Samoas (caramel and toasted coconut-covered cookies), I practically drooled over Rushing Duck Brewing’s Gimme Samoa That. Gimme Samoa That is the adult version of Samaos in a glass. This 5.6% brown ale has the ultimate campfire combination of milk, cocoa, and coconut that creamy taste, just like Samoas.


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