New Milestones for Cider

If you haven’t heard by now, cider has grown faster than beer, wine, or spirits last year. According to the Nielsen reports, cider is up 8.4% in off-premise sales, and 11% in social media awareness. So it’s no surprise that the ninth annual CiderCon, which took place in Chicago last week, was the largest attended conference in three years with over 1,000 attendees!

Some highlights of the 40+ CiderCon presentations and local events include the Certified Pommelier ™ exam and the Certified Cider Professional (Level 2). New this year, the Pomme Boots Society held its first annual meeting to increase development for women in cider without creating a divide in the industry. Also a new addition to CiderCon was the conference’s app, which allowed attendees to plan customized schedules for each seminar, network with speakers, and share thoughts, photos, and more with attendees.

The CiderCon tradeshow also hit a milestone this year by becoming the largest tradeshow in CiderCon history. Attendees enjoyed cider bars and a new lounge area with corn hole.

Prepare for CiderCon 2020, which will be in Oakland, California from January 29 to January 31. See you all there!

Author: thebrewbabe

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