Gluten-Free Craft Brewers Conference & GABF

I am humbled to announce that I am giving a presentation on marketing, branding, and social media at the Gluten-free Craft Brewers Conference in Golden, Colorado on Oct 2. Coincidentally, the conference will take place during the week of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). This is the first time in craft beer history that a conference will be dedicated to the gluten-free craft beer market. Other tracks taking place tomorrow include a presentation on gluten-free vs. gluten-reduced, judging beer competitions, and a sensory panel discussion.

Later on this week, I will be attending GABF searching for new gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers. Using the GABF app, I came across the “NO GLUTEN FOR YOU” festival trail featuring 20 gluten-free beers from Ghostfish Brewing Co., Holidaily Brewing Co., Dos Luces Brewery, Lakefront Brewery, New Planet Beer Co., High Hops Brewery, and Calicraft Brewing Co.

Although gluten-reduced beers are not featured on this trail, they will be available at GABF. Breweries such as Duckfoot Brewing Co., Jagged Mountain Brewing Co., Madtree Brewing Co., and 12 Degree Brewing will have these gluten-reduced beers. Again, these beers are not gluten-free, so please drink at your discretion. To understand the difference between gluten-free and gluten-reduced, please check out one of my posts.

During my time in Denver, I hope to do some hiking and check out some cideries as well, specifically Stem Cider Co. and CSquared Cider Co.

If you’ll be attending, maybe I’ll see you this week. If not, be sure to follow me on Instagram @TheBrewBabe for coverage of the conference, festival, and local happenings this week!

Author: thebrewbabe

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