Ghostfish Brewing Company Expands Gluten-Free Beer to Colorado

Ghostfish Brewing Company announced a new distribution partnership with Crooked Stave Artisans Distributing. This relationship will facilitate Ghostfish beer to be available within nearly all areas within the state of Colorado.

Crooked Stave Artisans Distributing (CSA) will start off distributing draught and package versions of Ghostfish Brewing’s award-winning dedicated gluten-free beers including Grapefruit IPA, Meteor Shower Blonde Ale, and Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale, as well as seasonal and limited releases as they are available.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a prestigious company such as CSA. Their reach within Colorado was an important factor, but it was their finely curated portfolio and positive reputation in the beer savvy Colorado market that attracted us the most to them. They have a great sales team, service the majority of the state, and their craft beer knowledge is second to none in Colorado.,” Brian Thiel, co-owner and Director of Sales & Marketing, said.

“From the moment we first tasted the Grapefruit IPA and Shrouded Summit White Ale, we knew Ghostfish had achieved something exceptional with their approach to gluten free beer. The Ghostfish team are committed to making great beer for all beer drinkers. Their creativity and innovation are pushing the boundaries of craft beer with their use of unconventional grains, and we are truly excited to partner with them here in Colorado,” Alan Stone, CSA Brand Manager, said.

This move represents an interesting homecoming for Ghostfish Brewing as the majority of owners have strong personal ties to Colorado and a significant percentage of brewing malts originated as grains grown by Colorado farmers.

“We can’t claim to be local, but ‘Colorado-based DNA’ is prevalent in Ghostfish beers. The majority of ownership in Ghostfish has lived previously or currently has residency in Colorado. Perhaps the most compelling story is the fact that a large portion of the grains we use to produce our beer our grown and malted/roasted in Colorado then shipped and crafted into artisanal beers in Seattle and now sent back in finished packages for consumers to enjoy throughout Colorado,” Thiel said.

Randy Schroeder, Ghostfish co-owner and Director of Operations has spent most of his life living in the mountains of Colorado between Golden and Evergreen.

“I’ve spent by far the majority of my years there,” Schroeder said. “It still holds a big piece of my heart, along with dozens of friends and family. The opportunity to partner with CSA to bring our craft product to a place I still think of as home feels amazing, and it provide even more reasons to return!”

With the addition of the Colorado market, Ghostfish beers are now available within eight U.S. states in addition to the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Author: theoutcask

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